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YNB Consulting Ltd is an employee owned and led organization based in Nicosia, Cyprus, providing consulting services in the areas of Environment, Occupational Health and Safety and Chemical Safety

In each project we undertake, we are guided by a profound sense of purpose and commitment to providing our clients with high-quality, personalized services that translate into long lasting partnerships.

Our team of experts and specialists boast a range of experience across industries such as oil and gas, tourism, chemical manufacturing, waste management and construction.

The vision upon launching YNB was to establish our company as a recognized group of specialists in the fields of Environment and Occupational Health and Safety.


We continuously work towards this goal by providing our clients with exceptional high-quality consulting services, always guided by our profound sense of commitment and a long-lasting responsibility.


Teamwork: We are committed to working collectively as a community, sharing knowledge and experience.

Integrity: We always work to the highest professional and ethical standards, and establish trust through openness, honesty, and responsibility.

Excellence: We pursue excellence in our every action.

Client Success: We passionately work towards ensuring our clients’ success.

Accountability – Accentuate: Every member of our team is personally accountable and jointly responsible for the success of YNB and for the delivery of quality work to our clients.


We are driven by a client-service led culture, connecting the knowledge, skills, and expertise of our people with innovative practices, technical abilities and robust systems to create lasting community benefits.

Working with YNB Consulting

We cultivate long-lasting relationships with our clients by addressing the strategic and operational challenges of their projects, and providing extensive, tailor-made solutions that are both efficient and cost-effective.

Each project is unique in its scope, and we pay individual attention to each one, working alongside our clients to translate their complex requirements into feasible, doable actions.

Our people are passionate about their areas of expertise, and boast a strong combination of strategic thinking, multidisciplinary perspectives, and technical proficiency to provide clients with innovative strategies that work.